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Ardenwood Farm Train  LbNA # 27325

Placed DateNov 22 2006
LocationFremont, CA
Planted ByTasin Tango    
Found By Fun Seeker
Last Found May 3 2014
Hike Distance?

After you’ve found lisascenic’s great “Astonishing Creatures” box at Ardenwood Farm, walk farther into the farmyard. Find the walnut orchard (marked #12 on the map in Ardenwood’s pamphlet). Along the paved road bordering the orchard there’s a historical marker that describes the Japanese Teahouse that was brought to the farm after San Francisco’s Panama Pacific Exposition. It was burned down the day after the attack at Pearl Harbor, so there’s nothing there now but the marker. After you’ve found the marker, turn to the left, towards the eucalyptus trees and railroad tracks at the end of the road. There’s a big white Railroad Crossing sign there at the tracks. Walk to the sign. When you get to the tracks (the Deer Park platform will be far off to your left), you’ll see that there are a couple of shiny bolts where some of the tracks come together. Step across the tracks, and look under the metal track there on the far side, under the shiny bolt and behind a few rocks. The letterbox is a film canister, so you’re looking for something pretty small.

P.S. #1 The (horse-drawn) train does not go beyond the Deep Park platform, so playing around the tracks here is safe.
P.S. #2 The animal on the stamp (that looks like it has ears) is supposed to be a chicken…