Indian Rock House Cave Trail  LbNA # 27344 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 17 2006
LocationYellville, AR
Planted ByYogi    
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This is a 3.5 mile letterbox hike that begins at the trailhead of the Indian Rock House Trail.

When you find the letterbox replace if for others to find,
And remember to leave no trace and no one behind.

Begin your hike where it is steep and wide
Here you can walk side by side.

Over the unnatural wood then follow the right sign
Up the snake trail and leave no one behind.

On the right a gully and over the pipe
The tree roots are a good place to hide.

Past the tall and straight soldiers to the twisted forest,
On the right a small cave where the L.B can rest?

Down the gully to the sink hole
Donít go in there youíre not a mole.

Look up forever theyíre green
Not many of these have we seen.

Right past a small hole
On the right a headstone,

At the V go to the left and to the four men
Walk right between them single file once again.

To your left a nice smell in a closet or here
To the forest where theyíve turned white with fear.

Take caution beware to the left a sink hole
Now watch your footing look below.
A solid rock with a carton to hold
Rock eggs maybe or gold?

Down under the tall cliffs
Steady now you donít want to slip.

Though the temptation is strong
Take a photo then move along.

Now on the right that hallow is big
Almost big enough to hid a kid.

On your left isnít that neat,
Lots of places to take a seat.

Look far and wide
Could the letterbox be inside?

Bubbles on rocks can it be
Look by your feet and youíll see.

Back long ago they mined for some zinc
Thatís some hard work donít you think?

Look careful to see the black cat of water
Do you think that the letterbox is much farther?
Or do you have it inside the backpack you carry
If not then move right along, donít tarry.

Under the arch of the woods see the glitter all about
What! You donít believe me, you have your doubts?

At the island you can go both ways
To the left you should stay.

At the fork take a left,
Have you found the letter box yet?

In an unmarked cave seek shelter from the storm,
This was where the Indians called home.
Go on in, youíre welcome anytime
Eat your lunch and take your time.
WAIT! Before you enter and on your left you will see
A triangle spot, oh yes can it be? OrÖ.

Before you enter and up on the right
Go on up high and in your sight
You will see:
In from the let, in from the right in the middle a rock
What have you got?

No? Or Yes?
Turn back around
And go down
A big tree just slightly on your left
In front are two rocks what will you get?
At the upside down V
Bring the letterbox to me. OrÖ

Looking for shelter to stay for the night
Look where the darkness meets the light
Look all around and see if you find
Some ugly red marks that have been left behind
When you see the red marks you know itís not right
Thereís a small pile of rocks. Is the letterbox within your sight?

If not can you see a face with slanted eyes
A nose and a cross mouth say hello and good bye.
Remember leave no trace behind.

At the post like dirt to the Rock cave
Detour to see what Mother Earth gave
Earth tubs, but the water is cold
Donít go in do as you are told.

Back on the trail on the left a ravine
Hove you enjoyed all that youíve seen?

At the sign go straight like an arrow
Donít go to the trailhead like the other fellow.

Over the creek and up the steep hill
There is the best part of the hike to see still.

Youíve made it!!!!

Welcome to Indian Rock House cave stay here awhile.
See the ghost statue? No more single file.
Look all around and marvel at Mother Earth
Inside is where stalactites give birth,
To stalagmites this cave it is active, the say itís alive
DONíT TOUCH or youíll kill it and itís been here awhile.

Now go back hence you came,
Do you like this letterbox game?

Itís dinner again and my forkís on the right,
Is the sculptured bedrock in your sights?

The Flintstones have a daughter named pebble,
In her bed are springs if she jumps sheís in trouble.

Itís time to return, see natural tub number three,
Thatís the one you didnít see.

Over the water and small waterfall can you find?
A cedar tree with some marks someone left behind.

If you need the potty and youíre quite tall
Or maybe you shouldnít use it at all!

Climb up and up to the deck of cards on your right
Are you doing alright?

You are now just minutes away
From the end of your hiking day.

Now at the next sign hang a right
The end is in sight!

Through the fence and down the road to the car
Did you think that hiking three miles was this far?

Congratulations not only have you (hopefully) found the letterbox but that you made a nice three and a half mile hike with the hardest part at the end.

I hope that you will go on one of our letterboxing hikes again.