Over the River...  LbNA # 27356 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWee Walkers    
Placed DateNov 23 2006
LocationHinckley, OH
Found By paisley pineapple
Last Found May 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Over the river...

and through the woods to grandmothers house we go.

These boxes are all in Hinckley reservation. All were planted in three hour time window. Driving from one location to another is necessary. The boxes are small and do not contain ink or a pen.

We're on our way to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner but we need to pick up dinner on the way. Just south of RT 303 on State Road is the parking lot for Whipps Ledges. Enter the lot and proceed up the steps toward the pavilion. A flight of wooden edged steps ascend the hill. Begin counting steps as you make your way up to the ledges. At the 31st step look to the right about 10 feet to a small 6” diameter tree with a hole about 6’ off the ground. Collect what is inside for dinner. From this tree sight 150’ and spy the large moss covered boulder. To the west of this boulder is a smaller rock and a tree. At the base of the tree a small rock that hides a side dish.

Proceed up the trail to check out the ledges and look for the Pirates hidden treasure.

Back to the car, make a left out of the parking lot and turn right on West Drive. Follow the signs for the boathouse. Pull through the boathouse parking lot and park in the last lot (picnic area). On the lake side of the parking lot a tree is labeled Eastern Sycamore. Facing this tree go right over the bridge then left onto the gravel path. Look for Buzzards (LB) very near in the trees. Proceed on the trail pass a garbage can and a Cucumber Magnolia tree on the left. Turn the bend and start up the hill. On the left is a tree with a blue mark if you turn around another tree 10 feet back on the trail is also marked blue. Look on the right bank of the trail for three shag bark maple trees. One of the three has a hole about 6’ off the ground that hides the main course. Continue on the trail for a long walk or turn around and continue on your search.

Back in the car, left out of the boathouse lot. At the intersection of State Road go straight onto the gravel road (Loop Drive). Go slow and watch for deer we saw several munching in the grass. Follow the road down and around to the left. Keep your eyes peeled for the interesting H tree, at the time it was supporting a fallen tree. Ahead on the left you’ll see a large birch tree leaning away from the creek that make a Y with its upper branches. At the base of the tree facing the road is a perfect addition to the dinner table. Drive up and out and your back to State Road hence the name Loop Drive. Make a left, pass West Drive and make a right on Ledge Road. At the top of the hill on the right hand side is a little white farmhouse, the Worden Homestead. Parking is limited but find a spot and head towards the old gray barn . The trail will begin down into the valley, it is marked with a black and white raccoon face. Ignore the trailhead right near the garage/map kiosk the trail is difficult to follow and navigate. Just pass the squirrel trail split you’ll see the raccoon trail turns right into the woods. Head in to see some amazing carvings in the rock ledges. Carved in the 1840’s by Noble Stuart, husband of Nettie Worden the daughter of the original land-owner. Find HM Worden 1851 turn with your back to Worden and walk to the sphinx, continue on to a tree where Marty has left his mark. A little south is Joe and further south is the final dish for our Thanksgiving Feast. I recommend going back the way you came and get to Grandma’s before the food gets cold!