Troll  LbNA # 27362

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Placed DateNov 24 2006
LocationMillersburg, MO
Found ByKirbert (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 14 2008


The Troll letterbox is found at Little Dixie Lake, Millersburg, MO between Columbia and Fulton. From I-70 exit 137, go south on J and look for the signs. The lake is to the east of J a few miles south of I-70. There are access parking lots all around the lake, from state roads J and RA, and county roads 246 and 230.

Clues to the Troll Letterbox:

Access Little Dixie Lake from under a giant white mushroom.

Take the trail by the water's edge past the fishermen's 4 fingers, into the woods and to a bridge. (Maybe 1/2 a mile.)

Stomp 3 times on the Troll's home to see if he's home. If there's no answer, look for his letter box under the south west corner.

Troll Letterbox is bring your own ink. Please stamp in and rehide carefully.

PS Jalopy is the head of a letterboxing family. Troll letterbox is the work of Swampgirl. I just do the computer thing.