The Crib Works  LbNA # 27363

Placed DateNov 4 2006
LocationMillinocket, ME
Found By On The Corner!
Last Found Aug 15 2015
Hike Distance?

Head North-West towards Millinocket Lake. On this travel you will eventually come up to the BIG MOOSE INN. At this point you will need to travel roughly 19 miles more. Before doing so, you will need to "switch roads." You need to get on the road that heads towards the Penobscot River, which will be the road on the left.

During your 19 mile adventure you will pass a place called ABOL STORE. This is a great place to get out and stretch. There is a nice walking bridge to walk on. Here is a great view of Mt. Katahdin. You will probably see someone fishing in the river, rafters floating down, and even a deer or two by the store! Once you are back in your vehicle, go across the bridge and travel along until you see a Telos Road sign, it will be on your right. Right after the sign, you will come to a big open area on your right, if you take it, you will notice a one-lane bridge to travel on. After the bridge you will see parking lot on the right. That’s right where you want to be.

Once you walk down the small path you will notice that it's all rock! You will notice a tree that has a sign on it saying, "NO CAMPING, CARRY IN, CARRY OUT." This is your starting point. From here, you will have to go east 54 paces. This should lead you to an open area on the left. On the foot path, you should stumble across two rocks that are in your way, at this point, to your left you will see a rock pile with moss growing on it. The rock piles are about waist high so you can't miss it! In the crevasses of the rocks you will notice three medium rocks that look out of place. If you remove them, you will find what you seek.

Please make sure to place everything back carefully for others to find. Once you are done stamping your letterbox that you have found (THE CRIB WORKS), I highly recommend that you adventure around. If you have children please watch them carefully.

This letterbox will bring you to the actual CRIB WORKS of the Penobscot River. This is a class 5 part of the river. It is a beautiful spot to look at. If you go early enough in the day (during the summer) you will most likely come across many rafters going down the river, even a kayaker or two. This is also a great place to watch a sunrise or also a sunset! Bringing a camera is a must!

Please enjoy your day on the Penobscot River, there are many, many, many places to stop and adventure around. I hope you make a day of enjoying the water!