Dragon's Bane  LbNA # 27407 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationMetamora, IL
Found By The Locksmiths
Last Found Aug 26 2007
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is located in Black Partridge Park in Metamora.

1. Park in front of Lee Cabin
2. Enter the trail marked Trailhead to the right of Lee Cabin
3. Turn left down the first path that branches off from the main Trail, this trail will take you down a hill
4. At the bottom of the hill take a right
5. You will cross three bridges
6. After you cross the third bridge take the path to the left
7. Take the path that the red and green arrows point towards
8. Cross the creek
9. Continue to go in the direction the red and green arrows point
10. You will hit a trail perpendicular to the trail you are on, turn left on it
11. You will take a left where the path breaks into two branches
12. Pass under the dead tree
13. Cross the rocks over the creek
14. Turn right at the split in the trail
15. Take a left at the next split in the trail
16. Pass the red and green arrows (they will be on your right)
17. Pass through the cut tree
18. Cross the creek and get back on the trail
19. Follow the trail, it will lead you to a HUGE tree surrounded by fallen trees
20. Go to the end of the longest fallen tree and stand on the mound of earth
21. Turn so that you are facing the hill
22. Walk 36 steps in a straight path up the hill to a large dark-colored tree
23. By this tree lies your prize