Bump-n-grind  LbNA # 27414

Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationRancho Mirage, CA
Planted ByTriple S Tracker    
Found By OhioCruiser
Last Found Feb 8 2008
Hike Distance?

The “bump-n-grind” is a popular trail in Rancho Mirage that climbs 1000 feet to a lookout that spans the entire Coachella valley. It is ranked moderate to strenuous, covers 4 miles round trip, and is popular---hikers, joggers and mountain bikers love this trail. It is often steep but stay with it: the view from the top is spectacular.

As taken from www.hiking-in-ps.com, “There are several access points for this trail, but parking is limited. Most people park in the commercial parking lots on Highway 111 (like Provident Bank) and walk up either Desert Drive or Magnesia Falls Drive to get to the trailhead (it’s a short walk from Highway 111.) Some of the businesses on Highway 111 have restricted parking for customers only, so watch for tow-away signs.”

The trail will end up on a broad, flat, circular vantage point. There are a number of small bushes around the edges, but there is one that is clearly the most in the middle of this flat space. Stand to the left of this bush, looking out at the desert. You will see the whole way from the windmills in Palm Springs to your left to the city of Indio to your right. It is a gorgeous view of the San Jacinto mountains, the San Bernadino range and the Chocolate mountains.

Still looking toward the desert, look back over your left shoulder. You will see an outcropping of a bunch of rocks right over your shoulder. If you turn and walk toward them (southwest, 39 adult paces or so, though this information isn’t necessary if you orient from the bush) you will see a narrow trail leading to this cluster of boulders. Go to the boulders and sit on one of the higher boulders, facing toward the desert. Now turn slightly to the left and look toward the golf course down below. If you look at the other cluster of rocks now in your view (15-20 feet or so away, just to the left of the golfcourse) you will see that there is one rock that is a completely different color than the rocks surrounding it. The rocks are mainly reddish-brown; this one is grey (it was sheared away, revealing the grey granite below). It is also long and horizontal. Walk to this rock and you will see that it is resting above another rock, creating a niche. There are a few smaller rocks lodged in this crevice. Take them out carefully and you will see the letterbox!!!!

A few notes: Take lots of water! And be very careful in uncovering the letterbox. Use a stick just in case there are snakes and scorpions in the rocks, especially in warm weather.