City Symbol - unavailable  LbNA # 27426 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationOlney, IL
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found Feb 14 2009
Hike Distance?

Nature (and the city crew) have all but removed the hiding spot of this box so I decided to pull it temporarily until a new hiding spot could be found. More later...


In 1902, Olney’s most famous residents made their first appearance in the area. There are a couple of legends about who discovered and caught the first albino gray squirrels. But after being caught the squirrels were put on display in the window of Jasper Banks’ Saloon on Main Street before soon being re-released in the woods. These squirrels became the ancestors of Olney’s white squirrel population, and cemented Olney’s fame as the “Home of the White Squirrels”.
The current population of white squirrels hovers around 200, and the animals are protected by both city ordinances and state laws. The Olney Police and Fire Departments have adopted the symbol of the white squirrel for their uniform patches. The best places to view these unique animals are the city park or older neighborhoods in town.


Pull into the city park off of West St. (Hwy 130). Park in the area near the fountain and pole barns on the left. There is a marker about the history of the white squirrels just north of the fountain that you might find interesting. Head east on White Squirrel Dr. past the community center on the left and grandstands on the right. Turn left on White Squirrel Circle. Head toward the “city park shop and office” sign. At the left is a large cage area. If you’re not lucky enough to see the white squirrels in the park, at least you can see them here. Head north past the playgrounds toward the brick building with a gray roof. The city pool used to be behind this building. Head west in front of the building to a gravel road on the right. Head north on the road and go to the creek. Once at the creek look to the west and you’ll see a large weeping willow tree. Head to that tree. The box is hidden under some bark on the trunk of that tree. Once stamped in, head south back to the front of the pole barns to leave.

Happy Hunting