the funny monkey box of letter  LbNA # 27439 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 26 2006
LocationAtlanta, GA
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Hike Distance?

Start at intersection of Park LN and Maddox DR in Ansley Park. Look around and you will see a park, ( Mc Clactey park.) you will see four trees. go in the middle of them. From there you will see a gazebo. Go towards it, but stop in the middle of your way to the gazebo and look to your right. You will see a a bench-swing, go to it and admire the dell. Now look to your left and you will see a tree shaped like a Y go to it and you will see a little park for small children. Go to it, if you have kids take them there someday, but that is a little off subject, so look to your side on the sidewalk, with the picture of the pooping dog that says "It's the law" walk five paces to the front, and turn to your right. Then walk four paces, look behind the tree and and it will be there.

Mashuguna Monkey