Placed DateNov 12 2006
LocationClean Water Drive, Buford, GA
Found By Artemis_Boxer
Last Found Jan 6 2008
Hike Distance?



This is a rather easy find, you just will have to enjoy the new Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center on 2020 Clean Water Drive in Buford. There are 8 miles of educational trails and paths.

Find The STREAM ECOLOGY TRAIL which you can enter in at the WEST side of the Center. You will find a map of the trails on a pedistal in the parking lot near the flag poles.

Once you find the STREAM ECOLOGY TRAIL go down a slightly steep incline till you see a bridge, go ahead and cross over the small wooden bridge going NORTH on the trail. Once you have crossed over the bridge go about 25-30 steps depending on your size. You will count off three fairly large trees and on the third tree the base will have lots of moss on the North side. Everyone knows that moss grows on the North side right? Also, to make sure you are at the right tree you will see about 5-10 small plants called "Phyllostachys aurea". Of course that's not the common name - you will have to figure out what the common name is. Again, these are small only about 24inches tall but all I can see is danger, danger, danger if you ever have a neighbor growing these plants. They are aggressive. What is a Phyllostachys aurea you ask? Well - get on the greenway and you will pass up some rather large ones and even an educational sign explaining the plant.

Now - you don't really need to know what invasive bamboo is (opps...:(...) but just remember if the tree doesn't have small ones growing in the front of it then 1) you are probably at the wrong tree or 2) they have been removed. Ok...back to the box.

Go to the back of that tree which is about 25-30 steps and do a search behind the tree. There you will find Peter Parker hiding from exhaustion. As always, enjoy the FF prize.

Please rehide very, very well. Let me know of your find. Thanks for your interest in my box.