The Illy Pad  LbNA # 27454 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 29 2006
LocationWinder, GA
Found By Beachcomber
Last Found Jul 21 2007
Hike Distance?

The Illy Pad


Have you ever been to Ft Yargo State Park? If not this is one more reason to go besides all of the great camping sites, playgrounds, picnic areas and awesome mountain bike areas.

This box has TWO first finder prizes! One is for your taste buds and the other is for your sights in the spring. Here goes the clues.

As you enter into Ft. Yargo continue to go straight past the small toll booth. If you go to the left then you will eventually enter the camping area and that's not where this plant is located.

Go all the way down towards the beach area and that Huge Pavallion that is so cool during the summer time. You will pass the putt-putt area, the playground area and you will find yourself at the end of the road in the parking lot. Park and the step out of the car with your left foot first.

Are you facing the Pavillion and the beach? If so...then do a 180 and turn around cuz I hate sand. Ok see the small bathrooms that are off to the left on the opposite side of the beach. Come on - they are almost cute and clean by the way. Ok...see that trail that looks like it is headed to nowhere? What is the name of that trail?

Start walking down that trail and once you reach the FIRST Bench stop and go about 20 teenage girly paces. Now, stop and complain about having to walk so much and then look up into the woods not out at the lake cuz nothing is that waterproof. You gotta complain or else the pad won't hear you. Do you see the series of tree stumps? In my mind I see 2 very near the walking trail and looking up into the woods I see 3 more that are very weathered and seem to be rotting. Go to the one at the top of the hill - it's about the 4th stump up and then Face North. Over about 15 more girly paces is another old stump that is off the beaten path. That's where the prize is located. Give or take a stump or two!

Remember to take your first finder prizes and please let me know that you have located my box. Thanks & Enjoy!


..I think that winder is in Barrow county...