Godzilla 2000  LbNA # 27456 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTeam Randalstik      
Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationBloomington, MN
Found By Jaxx
Last Found Oct 6 2010
Hike Distance?

STAMP: Hand carved
CARVED BY: Team Randalstik
PLANTED BY: Team Chicken Dish
This letterbox has a Prequel to it in Prospect Park in Minneapolis.

But this box is at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Take 494 - get off on 34th Ave and go South on 34th Ave.
West on American Blvd.
Pull into Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Parking Lot (maybe a mile) - Refuge on your right.

- Facing the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge from the parking lot, the trail will be on your left. You will pass a small sign that says Kaleidoscope of Color.

- Find the entrance to the trails - go down the stairs to take the Hillside Trail Trail.

- At the bottom of the stairs take a right (South)
If you're going the right way, you will pass several markers starting at "one".

- You will pass one, two and three.

- At one point you will see the observation platform above you and to your right from the trail. Look down below you and you will see a beautiful panoramic view of the Minnesota River Valley. Stay a while and enjoy the view.

- Once you get to bottom of the next set of stairs, you will head NE (Left). The path to the right is closed.

- Follow the path and you will come upon a bench dedicated to Robert C. Anderson - Conservationist. You're on the right path!!!

- Continue down the path 75 single paces from the bench and you will find one lone pine tree amongst the oaks and elms.

- From the pine tree go up the hill West 25 paces and you should see a couple of oak trees. One of them entwined in vine.
- Look at the base of the tree and there you will find the letterbox.

Now, a disclaimer of sorts because although Team Randalstik carved the stamp, Team Chicken Dish planted it. Team Chicken Dish is my good for nothing older brother's letterboxing gang. This is his first plant. So if you can't find it, blame it on him and I will go beat him up . . .. maybe while he's spitting on my head. . . or putting me in the dryer . . . or threatening me to shove raw chicken in my face . . . eugh.

good luck. please find it so I don't have to confront my brother.