Hayden Falls  LbNA # 27488

OwnerThe Davidson Clan      
Placed DateNov 24 2006
LocationDublin, OH
Found ByBarnacles
Last UpdateMar 21 2009


******************************************************************************This box was tampered with in late June 2009 and is no longer there. It will be replaced soon.


Steps have been finished so there is easy access to the falls. Accessing this box requires some climbing which kids are able to do with assistance, but please use caution.

Hayden Falls has been one of our favorite "best kept secrets" for years. It is now part of the Parks Department and steps and boardwalks are being added. While this will make accessing this beautiful spot easier it also is making it less "natural." None the less we hope you enjoy your visit!

1. Go to Griggs Resevior/Hayden Falls located just West of Riverside Dr. and the Scioto River and East of Dublin Rd. on Hayden Run Rd. As you park (VERY limited parking) you will see to the left steps leading down to the falls.

2. Go down the steps to the bottom of the cliff. Once you are at the bottom turn left and walk about ten steps.

3. As you look about one third of the way up from the bottom you will see two large dark sections of rock jutting out from the cliffside next to a tree.

4. Beneath these rocks you will find what you seek!

5. Please be sure to hide the box well when you are done and then continue on towards the Falls to your left (as you face the cliff).