Way to Go!  LbNA # 27492

Ownerthe golden seven    
Placed DateNov 27 2006
LocationFairfax, VA
Found By Trulia
Last Found Jul 27 2012
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Way to Go! Letterboxes

Daniel's Run Park
Estel Road Entrance

From 495, exit at Little River Turnpike (Rt. 236), towards Fairfax (where the road name will change to Main Street). Just past Fair City Mall, past the light at Whitacre, and the entrance to Lyndhurst community, turn right onto Estel Road. Drive to the end of the road and you can park at the entrance there.

Way to Go! #1:
NOTE: This logbook and stamp are new as of 8/21/07, since the original one disappeared on us! Please replace this one carefully with the rock securely on top, so that hopefully it will last significantly longer this time.

Start walking on the main path, proceeding to a path on the right leading to St. Andrew's Drive. Turn right counting your steps. At about step #40 look right and notice a rotted out stump. Directly behind the stump about 15 steps is a large tree. Look between that tree and the fallen log for Way to Go #1! Wow! Way to go!

Way to Go! #2
Now turn around and head back to the main trail turning right. Continue on the main trail until you come to a turn off for Parklane Rd./Embassy Lane. Stop there at the bench and take a breath. When you're ready look behind the bench about 10 steps for a large stump. Look under the pile of sticks for Way to Go #2! Please replace the sticks carefully as this would otherwise be visible from the trail. Now watch out if you're with someone that you don't get slugged!

We changed the name of this series between preparing it and planting it, so don't be confused when everything's labelled differently!

We hope you enjoy this letterbox series. Please email us at handmadebyLara@yahoo.com if you have any comments, compliments, or if the boxes need attention.