I Love you more, I love you most!  LbNA # 27546

Ownerthe def mob    
Placed DateNov 1 2006
LocationToddville, IA
Found By Henny Penny
Last Found Nov 25 2012
Hike Distance?

This is a letterbox/ geocache hybrid. Here are the directions to get to it:

1. Go to Wickiup Hill Learning Center
2. Follow the trail, past the observation deck.
3. Past the restrooms
4. Where the trail splits there is a sign, follow the arrow that has a leaf
5. to you're right on the edge of the trial you will find a tree that gets wider at it's base. On the other side of the tree it is hollow at it's base. Inside you will find the letterbox, with a stamp I carved with one of my Grandma's (this cache is in honor of her and a christmas surprise for her) faveorite things on it.
(please BRING YOURE OWN INK PAD- I didn't have one to include, sorry!)