Holly Jolly Folly  LbNA # 27549

Placed DateDec 2 2006
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By CignaCats
Last Found Nov 18 2012
Hike Distance?

This box was hidden for the St. Nick's Gathering on December 2, 2006. Fortunately, I hid the box at lunch time the day before the big storm. I didn't have to time to 'walk it' so I could write the directions, so I went back at 5:00 p.m. and walked it in the dark. It was freezing.

Terrain: flat and easy

Park in the pavilion parking lot at Mitchell Park. (Take Capitol Drive to the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center. You'll find the picnic pavilion easily).

Fill in the blanks by following the directions:

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Blank one: Use either the fourth or sixth letter of the building that you just parked at.

Blank two; Start walking down the path just north of the building. Walk toward the playground. How many swings are there? (DON'T count the baby swings) Use the first letter of the number.

Blank three: Continue on the path, but as it becomes a fork, take the north path. You will quickly see a sign that states the name of the northern walk. Use the 8th letter.

Blank four: Continue on the northern path until you can go no further without entering the Center. Turn right (east toward the woods). Find a garden marker just before you come upon the concrete stumps. Use the first letter.

Blank five: Enjoy the interesting stumps, but be careful. You could stick to them on a cold day should you want to sit and rest. Head back toward the sidewalk directly in back of the building and locate the door you would use if you were 'the star'. There is a sign on the door. Use the 20th letter.

Blank six: Circle the building so that you are on the west side. You will see a group of entertainers. The shortest one holding the music is a _____. Use the first letter.

Unscramble the letters in the filled blanks.

Head a little southwest so that you will be walking down the first circular driveway toward River Road. Take the road north until you find the unscrambled word.

Holly Jolly Folly will be lying in wait for you.