Who Let the Dogs Out  LbNA # 27554 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDartmoor Dreamer      
Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationSt Paul, MN
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 24 2016

Placed by cahill cowboy 11/25/2006
Adopted by Dartmoor Dreamer 12/21/2010
Retired: March 2016

Sept 2013: I still haven't updated this letterbox. The Good Dog box is still available. The Bad Dog box is still in the concrete chunk, but has no stamp. The box may be farther away than the clues indicate.

Start your search at the very last parking area at Crosby Farm Park. Head down the paved trail veering left onto the Wetland trail. Continue on the paved trail until you encounter post #17. Oh, darn, you have gone too far. Reverse direction and go back up the trail 17 paces-on your right you will see a horizontal tree trunk (mostly roots with 1 or 2 feet of trunk) protruding from the hillside. Good Dog is in the root mass.

Now, continue down the trail and just before 17 take the unpaved branch to the left. Continue beyond the old wooden steps, and keep walking until you arrive at a large, light colored boulder on your right. At this point there is a tree just to the right of the trail at the boulder. From this tree continue forward for 47 paces to a rectangular carved rock on your left. From this rock, at approximately 320 degrees you will see a chunk of concrete with a rectangular opening. In this opening you will find the Bad Dog.
Both boxes have first finder rewards.

These boxes are dedicated to Kai Johnson