Shells: Sells Seashells  LbNA # 27571

Placed DateDec 2 2006
CountyVan Buren
LocationSpencer, TN
Found By fuzzytank
Last Found Apr 17 2010
Hike Distance?

**** "Sells" is still in place, but "Seashells" is gone ****


Make your way to the Nature Center at Falls Creek Falls. Walk across the falls on the swinging pedestrian hanging bridge.. yikes !!! Go up the concrete steps on the other side of the falls. At the sign that says falls to the right, campground to the left, turn right and hike up the rocky trail with boards across it. About half way up the hill on the left you will see the top branches of a tree that fell over long ago. Follow the tree up to it's decaying stump. The box is inside.


Continue up the path. Turn right at the direction sign toward the Gorge Overlook trail, 3/4 mile. Go through the tree boneyard. I wonder why all those trees fell. Continue straight at the confusing Cane Creek Falls sign. From the end of the trail to the Overlook, you have to go down a steep, rocky, rooty portion of the path. Make your way to the overlook. Marvel at the wonders of nature. When done marveling, about half way back up the steep, rocky, rooty portion of the path is a giant pine in the middle of the path. About 10 steps past the giant pine tree in the middle of the rough trail that has lent it's roots to you for you to use as steps, you will see a short mossy ledge on the left, guarded by a small bush with prickly leaves. The box is under the mossy ledge, covered by a smaller mossy rock.

When done, go back to the overlook to the right of the nature center and see if you can figure out where you were on the other side.