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Gammy & Poppy's 50th  LbNA # 27577 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 23 2006
LocationBlairsville, GA
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Location: East of Blairsville on Track Rock Gap Rd.
Directions: Take the Georgia Mountain Parkway (Hwy. 76) 5 miles east of Blairsville, Georgia. Turn right on Track Rock Gap Road and follow it for slightly more than 2 miles. There is a small parking lot on the right. Begin this letterbox from the parking lot.

Once upon a time, long ago, a young beautiful woman began her journey North. Now you begin your journey North up the steps & follow the path.

The purpose of her journey was to begin a new life teaching young minds. The purpose of your journey today is to learn a little about the history of two people and their life together and collect the 5 stamps along your way.

Her journey brought her to the big city built with rock and stone where car is king. It was here she met her prince. You will find your prince near the biggest building in this city made of rock.

Return to the path and continue on.

This couple we speak of was wed on the 1st day of the last month. . Now walk down the aisle as this couple did, smiling and nodding to the guests in attendance on either side of you.

The children soon followed., one after another. Four in ten years. A son, followed by 3 daughters. You will find them in their play pens now. Bob, Sue, Julie, and Marcia.

Using the code below, assign a number value to the first letter in each name and add them together. Take this many paces up the hill to the place where 3 are 1 and look carefully around.

A=8, B=12, C=20, D=14, E=5, F=18, G=16, H=23, I=6, J=2, K=17, L=13, M=1, N=7, O=15, P=22, Q=9, R=3, S=10, T=4, U=11, V=19, W=6,X=13, Y=26, Z=25

After stamping return to the play pens.

For more than 30 years they raised their family. Most of the years were spent in a small house on a lake. They enjoyed many activities together: Camping, swimming, water-skiing, and ice skating.

But, one by one the children moved on: To college, jobs, and spouses.
The couple knew it was time for them to move on too. Now, you move on across the road. After 32 years of working and living in the cold North, they retired and headed South. You head South (Being mindful of cars) to the Arkaquah trail. As you follow the trail, I will tell you of the log home they built in these mountains. In woods such as these. A dream home. Planned for many years. Stop at the little cabin in the woods. As you stand under the roof look up to where one of these mighty logs once stood. Look inside.

Return to the path and continue up the trail.

Soon the “4” started families of their own. The grandchildren arrived, one after another. Almost 1 every year for an even dozen. 7 boys and 5 girls. No one has ever enjoyed their grandchildren more than this couple. Much time was spent camping, hiking, baking and playing countless games. As you continue, watch for the “4” on your left. You will find the 12 grandkids at the bottom of the family tree.

Now 50 years have passed since that day in December. Take 50 paces up the trail, through the tunnel of love (perhaps a quick smooch with a sweetheart) and continue up the path. Follow the path as it sharply twists and turns back and forth and winds towards the top. Stop at the 2 porches. One near the chimney the other alone. Sit a spell on either porch and enjoy the view and quiet solitude of the mountain. You will find the final stamp under the porch across from the chimney.

We hope you have enjoyed this little journey back in time and into these mountains. These very mountains where our happy couple, married 50 years this December 1st, live and enjoy their golden years.