Light Show at the Rock  LbNA # 27589

Placed DateAug 6 2006
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By TurtleMcQ
Last Found Apr 3 2015
Hike Distance?

No, we're not talking about the Stone Mountain laser show here. The night before the 2006 LbSE gather, an awesome (in all senses of the word) thunderstorm ripped through the area, tearing down hundreds of trees and even shutting down the campground at the park. We enjoyed our lovely dinner in Stone Mountain Village by candlelight - but by necessity, not choice as the storm also caused a power outage.

The rain and lightning we saw throughout the night were magnificent. Though the laser show was cancelled, we stood in the parking area and marvelled at the show Mother Nature put on in its place. Over the half hour we watched, dozens of bolts came down from the clouds and forked across the sky in multiple directions at once, like some sort of celestial silly string. It's a sight I'll never forget, and one I of course was compelled to commemorate with a hastily carved piece of rubber hidden in the woods.

Start out at Green Tortuga's Stone Mountain Park box. Returning to the trail, stand with the un-scarred side of the tree at your back and the water on your right. Continue in this direction a short distance on the trail to a faint path on your right leading down to the water. DON'T follow it. Instead, look across the trail, uphill, for two boulders (which may be somewhat greenish depending on the season). One is long, the other is taller. Behind the taller one, under a square stone, check out the light show for yourself.

Please rehide the box carefully, taken care to cover it so it can't be seen by passersby. This is an orphaned box so I'm relying on the kindness of finders to keep it well-hidden. Thanks! Oh, and many thanks as well to the esteemed Green Tortuga himself who suggested using his box as the jumping off point for my own.

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