Basketball Nut  LbNA # 27590

Ownerthe golden seven    
Placed DateDec 4 2006
LocationBurke, VA
Found By Freddiecrs
Last Found Dec 13 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 14 2015

Basketball Nut Letterboxes

This letterbox series can be found at Burke Lake Park. From 495 take Braddock Road West, turn left on to Burke Lake Road (just before Rolling Road). Take Burke Lake Road to a left on Ox Road (123). Following the brown signs turn left into Burke Lake Park. Park near the marina.

Burke Lake has a lovely trail that encircles the entire lake, about 4 ½ miles according to the signs, although you will not need to hike that far to find the letterboxes. We will be heading CLOCKWISE around the lake.

Start your adventure by heading towards the Frisbee golf course on the main trail. There are several other letterboxes that are now along the way. We will pass by all of these other letterboxes on our way to Basketball Nut #1.

Since we have a couple of serious basketball nuts living in our house we thought we’d practice honing our basketball skills while we letterboxed. First we practiced our jumping skills at fitness stop #6. After hopping through look at a right angle off towards the lake about 30 steps from the end of the fitness stop. Find the fallen tree that split about 3 feet above the ground. For Basketball Nut #1 go look at the point that the tree split.

Now continue on the path around the lake to fitness stop #14. After fine tuning your athleticism you can rest at the nearby bench on the left of the path. When you’re ready walk approximately 37 steps past the bench to a stump with a large fallen log along the right side of the path. Stop at the stump and look towards the lake, you will see a large double-trunked tree about 10 steps away from the stump. Behind that tree you will find one our basketball nuts’ favorite teams in there. Please replace this one especially carefully, as there have been issues with this box being left out in the open.

Off we go in search of our all-time favorite team contained in Basketball Nut #3. Continue past fitness stop #13—it’s way too exciting to stop now! Pass over a small creek to a very well-carved tree on your left just at the trail side. Stopping at this lovebird tree take 4 steps forward, then look directly left. You will notice a large rotting stump, and beyond that you will see a tree with a visible split from about 15 feet on down to the ground. You will find #3 inside that split. Please replace the bark, so that this letterbox’s location can remain top secret information, known only to clue holding letterboxers!

At this point it would still be much shorter to turn around and retrace your steps back to your car, but if you’re up for the 4 ½ mile hike it is a lovely walk!

Hopefully now your fitness skills are developed and you can be off to win a game of HORSE with your own basketball nut!

Please email me at with any comments, questions, etc. about this letterbox series! Enjoy!