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Mrs. Montgomery, We love you!  LbNA # 27602 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 5 2006
LocationOlathe, KS
Planted ByMayhem Mom    
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Mrs. Montgomery, We love you!

Our First Grade teacher is really the best-
We even like when she gives us a test.
Spelling and Math, Reading and Writing,
Our studies, she's always making very exciting.

One day on the board, she wrote in a star,
"Start exercising, go out in your car,
To Heritage Park By Shelter Number 5-
A path you will take when you should arrive.

The path that you take there will go to the right,
Try to go out there when it is still light.
Follow the path, wind in and around,
Take your family there and cover some ground.
You can run, you can walk, you can skip and explore,
Look for the things Nature brings to your door.
The path takes you on a circular walk-
keep turning left and continue to talk.

Go over 2 bridges and your hike is over-look for the box-
It will be hidden and it has no locks-
Under a tree stump and off to your right-
The water pulled the stump up- the tree lost the fight...
Open it up and put your stamp in the book,
And then take a postcard to show that you looked-
Send me a note and I'll read it in school!"
Oh Mrs. Montgomery, you are SO COOL!

We love you Mrs. Montgomery!
(The stump is on the West side of the last bridge- closest to Shelter 5-to the North of the path. The box is under the South side of the stump.)