Girl Scout Troop 134  LbNA # 27608 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 25 2006
LocationNew Port Richey, FL
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Enter in to Starkey Park which is located in New Port Richey, FL. Continue into the park on the paved road until you pass the sign for parking lot 4.

From parking lot 4:

Go to the trail sign and go right

Go straight for 85 paces (remember these are 10 & 11 year old girls, their paces may be shorter than yours)

When you come to a fork in the trail - veer left.

Go straight for 29 paces

When you see Pavillion B - be sure you are on the south side of it.

You will find the box buried at the east side of an Oak tree.

Disclaimer - my junior girl scout troop did this all on their own - including the directions. When we buried it, these directions were fairly precise. They had a blast! We are going back to see if anyone has found it in a couple months. Please won't you find it and add your stamp - they will be ELATED!!!!