Pan O Prog  LbNA # 27638

OwnerLMN Treasure Hunters    
Placed DateDec 9 2006
LocationLakeville, MN
Found By Phoenix Finders
Last Found Jul 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Begin your quest at the Lakeville City park located on ________th Street. (the year the Pan O Prog Celebration began in Lakeville minus the year the Gaspee was burned off the shore of Rhode Island).

The south entrance used for the archery range will work best. Drive all the way into the park and bring your vechile to rest in the parking lot just past the animal food storage building.

With the food storage building to your back, head toward the blue gate on the right side of the parking lot.

Pass the gate and head up the hill thru the oak covered picnic area. At the top of the hill you will spy a bench to the left of the limestone blocks, where you can enjoy the view.

As you sit on the bench you will spy a spruce to the left, at it's base is where your quest ends.

Be discreet and rehide well.