Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs: FB Vol II Box III  LbNA # 27656

Placed DateNov 4 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By The Backwards Duo
Last Found Sep 21 2012
Hike Distance?

This is a one of several LBs included in the Mid-MO FF Tome Vol II which was won by DragAlong4Fun at the Mid-MO Arts and Crafts Fall gathering in 2006. The winner was given 30 days to claim FF before I published the clues. I believe all but two were claimed.

The boxes are from the FB Vol II series (Favorite Books) that my son and I love. To find the starting point for each simply read the book (bonus points if read with a youngster) and use a simple Caesar Code to decode the encrypted text. By answering the question you will have a single word. Simply count the letters in the word and use that number and the Caesar to decrypt.

Based on the book by Megan McDonald

According to Beetle, what tastes like apples?


Go left on and then the first right out of the round-about. Park in the large parking lot to the NE of two small baseball fields and that has half new pavement and half gravel.

Stand at the HC parking spots and go roughly N with a thin strip of trees on your left and the parking lot on your right. Go until you’re almost at the corner of the parking lot and you find a major trail which cuts to the left and you’ll quickly find an intersection. Go right and within a few steps you’ll find the trail going left into the woods, or to the right, which is just a short connector trail to the parking lot. Go left into the woods. Soon you’ll find a utility clearing and electrical lines above. Stand directly under the first lines you find. Now, turn around and face the trail you just came down on. Go ten paces and find the stump to your left off the trail.

Please be discreet in your LBing and prudent in your rehideation. Always hide boxes so they're completely hidden from view.

Please contact me after your find.