Idaho History 101  LbNA # 2767 (ARCHIVED)

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LocationAthol, ID
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Name of box: Idaho History 101
Nearest town: Athol, Idaho
County: Kootenai

Find this spot in history:
It was wartime and following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government was in need of a safe inland Naval Training Station. This spot fulfilled all the criteria with one of the deepest lakes in the county, available acreage, and remote enough for safety concerns but near enough a railroad to get supplies and recruits to the station.

Today this spot is an Idaho State Park. Use any state highway map to locate the park and proceed there.
As you travel on highway 54, or also called Smylie Blvd., go 1.5 miles from the toll booth. Here you will turn right finding that barred place for Navy law breakers. Park here and if it is summer it will be open for you to explore.
When you are ready to look for the letterbox walk around the right side of the brig. Stop at the old low horizontal wall. Standing so that you are facing directly behind the wall, walk from the right corner of this wall 30 paces in the direction of between 1 and 2 (clock face).
You will find an old cement foundation about 3’ x 3’. Remember old foundations can have secret crevices!!
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