Shaanti's Christmas Gift  LbNA # 27679 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 20 2006
LocationEureka Springs, AR
Found By The Flaky Lady
Last Found Mar 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Placed by EVDesign

Midst the curves and Christmastime a gift is hidden here
A trail of lights, then a path to the west
Of the home of the flying sphere

It curves, it seems, back the way it came
Then turns sharply north and east
You can go up or down, whichever you choose
But UP is truly a beast

The beast has teeth of grass and stone
Halfway UP the hill
By the time you reach the first left turn
You might be out of breath and will

Take the left and go down the slope
At the sign of the Trail, don’t loose hope

Turn right and north and watch for the “S”
That stands for Shaanti and her Christmas gift

Walk and walk till the water you must cross
Then stop and take a look around
Do you see hope of water…supports of stone?
To see the gift, you must go to ground

This letterbox is a gift of love to a friend who’s always near
So embark on this adventure full of Christmas cheer

(This is a tough one...if you need further hints, email creator.)