Fort Capps  LbNA # 27693 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 2 2006
LocationHollywood, FL
Planted ByPerrone Adventurers    
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West Lake Park is a coastal mangrove wetland located on South Florida's East Coast, south of Fort Lauderdale, in Hollywood.
From 1924 to 1926, the original freshwater ecosystem of this area was dredged, filled and divided for development. As part of a wetlands mitigation program the land was purchased, and between 1985 and 1993, a multi-agency effort re-created 203 acres of mangroves, mudflats and tidal pools. Today, West Lake Park is a 1,500-acre restored mangrove preserve that is about 1 mile in width.
Early settlers to South Florida regarded mangrove forests as being useless, mosquito-infested, uninhabitable lands. Today, ecologists realize their important role in coastal ecosystems. Mangrove leaves, trunks and branches fall into the water and are transformed into detritus, which is the basis of an elaborate food chain. Mangroves provide protected habitat, breeding grounds and nursery areas to many terrestrial and marine animals. Mangroves also provide shoreline protection from wind, waves and floods.
Visitors can observe the West Lake Park via electric-powered boats, canoes or interpretive walking trails. An informational nature center with an observation tower is also available. For more information, please visit the West Lake Park and Anne Kolb Nature Center website.
Come climb the nature center's five-story observation tower with us and take a walk along the interpretive nature trails.

This box has a hand carved stamp and a log book only.

To find this box you will need a canoe (can be rented at West Lake Park).

Some bug repellent might be good too

To begin this wilderness adventure

You must start at the Anne Kolb Nature Center

Once on the water you will head north

Now your journey is set forth

Follow the trail just as she goes

Until two white barrels are in front of your nose

The barrels are to the east of the prize

Just west of a small hidden canal the rest of your journey lies

Here you will tie your canoe to a small pine tree

Once on land a natural trail you'll see

It leads south along the canal where many trees have fallen

But it's to the west that the prize is callen

Between two finger canals and over the mounds you'll go

To the last mound where three small pines grow

Stand on top and turn around

Just inches to the south now look down