Waddlers only...No Flappers Allowed  LbNA # 27701

Placed DateDec 14 2006
LocationVernon, CT
Planted ByMagic Treehouse gang    
Found By Hez, Grumpy and Mona
Last Found Sep 14 2013
Hike Distance?

Located at Andrew Kenneth Webster Preserve (Valley Falls)

The trail is very short and easy. It is great for kids (lots of great rocks to climb and trees to "ride"). It is hilly and can tend to bea bit slippery (as our knees can attest!).

There are many great boxes within Valley Falls as well as the surrounding trails leading to Belding. One of them is just a hop, skip, and jump away!

Directions:From Rt. 84 west take exit 66 turn left off the ramp then left at the stop sign onto Tunnel Rd. Take your second left onto Valley Falls Rd. opposite Warren Ave. Proceed approx. 1/2 mile. Located on the right side off the road a few hundred feet from the entrance to Valley Falls Park look for a pull over spot with a sign reading "Andrew Kenneth Webster Preserve" If you can't find a spot to pull over drive up to Valley Falls park there and walk back. There is a fee to park within the Valley Falls lot during the summer only.

From Rt. 84 east take exit 66 turn right off the ramp and left at the stop sign onto Tunnel rd. Turn left onto Valley Falls Rd. and follow above directions.

The gang has a favorite picture book titled "The Flight of the Dodo" in which birds that can't fly (waddlers) try to prove that those who can (flappers) are doing it all wrong. We strongly suggest you read this very funny story even if you aren't a child. We planted our favorite waddler here!

Up the red and blue we go,
It's winter today but there's no snow.
Up the hill we all must climb,
Um um um, I have no rhyme.
On the Left are 3 stairs of stone,
Do not dare to travel alone.
I see a horse on the trail ahead,
She's lying down, like she's in bed.
After a ride continue on,
Before the Waddlers all are gone.
Blue and Red soon will turn,
But to go straight our hearts do yearn.
We enter the lair,
It belongs to a bear.
Good for us, he isn't there.
We look out of the lair across the way,
but it is far too wet to play.
We see a waddler in a stump,
He is as still as a lump.
Please let him out if for a bit,
And feel free to use his stump to sit.
You are done , it's time to go.
Hope you, also, missed the snow.

Hope you enjoyed this quick walk. We just couldn't not plant a box on a 60 degree day 11 days before Christmas!!!!
Let us know what you think!!!