Semper Fi  LbNA # 27711

OwnerCC Family    
Placed DateNov 25 2006
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Apr 17 2015
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The Semper Fi Letterbox

Our son, Eric, has enlisted in the Marines. He leaves for boot camp in San Diego the first week of January. We’d like to invite everyone to leave a message for Eric in the log book. The first few months of the year we’ll send the log book pages to Eric while he’s in boot camp.

The letter box is located in Mitchell Park in Brookfield. To find the letter box begin in the play area between the main picnic building and the Art Center. Follow the paved path east toward the woods. When you reach the point where the path takes a right angle turn to the north head south to the corner of the field. When you reach the corner of the field you’ll find a path leading south into the tall grass. Follow this path straight south until you run into a fence. When you reach the fence there will be a group of three tall trees to your left. On the northern side of one of the trees is a small log. The letterbox will be within one end of the log.