The Chipmunk Trail  LbNA # 27722

OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateDec 16 2006
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By The Snokes
Last Found Apr 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by: GSD 1
Placement Date: Dec 16, 2006
State: Ohio
County: Morgan
Nearest City: Glouster
Number of Boxes: 2

Burr Oak State Park . Over 3000 acres of wooded hills and hollows, located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. It is approx. 15 mi. SW of McConnelsville and 4 mi. NE of Glouster. There are several entrances to the Park. This box is located on the Lodge and Cabins side of the Park. Take SR 78 from either McConnelsville or Glouster till you come to the entrance to Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Cabins. Come down the road to the T-intersection. Straight ahead of you is a building and parking area. Park here and get out and read the sign next to the building. It gives you a little natural history lesson of the area. After you are through reading you are ready to go searching for:


Please bring your stamp pad, stamp, and pen.
Difficulty: Fairly easy
Terrain: Fairly level
Time and distance: Just for these two boxes out and back ~.9 mile.


As you stand with your back to the plaque, look over across the road to your right and you will see a sign CHIPMUNK TRAIL BACKPACK TRAIL. Go over and head down this trail. The trail goes pretty much straight, thru a pine plantation. At the other end where the pines end and the deciduous trees take over, the trail will start to bend to the right. Where this bend starts, look off to your left and look for an oak tree that is two trees in one. The trunks split about a foot from the ground. Go over to this “V”, and with your back to the trail, sight thru the “V”. About 25 feet ahead you will see another tree that splits into two, about 2 feet from the ground, and about 25 feet further on you will see a big oak tree with a large branch that sticks out to the right, at about a 45 degree angle. Go to this large oak tree and on the backside, down in a little cubby hole at the base you will see 4 small rocks, and you will also see a long, straight trunk, pointing down the slope from these rocks. If you look carefully you will notice that this trunk points to a pile of rocks in the woods.(About 75 feet away) Go to this pile of rocks and under a large flat one you will see THE CHIPMUNK.
The trail is a popular one, and you are within sight of it, so you may wish to go further down the slope to stamp. Return the box to it’s den and cover carefully. Return to the trail and go in search of ROCKET J. SQUIRREL.

Once back on the trail continue walking on down the trail. (You will be passing Playing With Fire on your way.) The trail will soon make a downhill “slide”, literally, if you are not careful, and you will come to a sign that says CHIPMUNK TRAIL and LODGE MARINA. Take a left(Lodge Marina direction). Head this way for about 208 steps or till you come to a very colorful and “popular” beech tree. There will be yellow, blue paint marks on it, plus an orange arrow and, brown X and arrow, among the scars. From this tree take 30 steps to the next newspaper tree, where MH declares their love for GS. From here go on down about 34 steps to the next poor old scarred beech tree, on your left, where SS loves CK. Now, you are almost there. Go on 20 steps further, and off to your left you should see 4 Maples growing as one. Go up to this tree(s) and on the backside of one of the trunks is a cavity. Down inside, in a camo-pouch, you will find Rocket living. Again this is an open area and popular and you are in sight of the road, so be very discreet in your stamping and logging.
From here you can return to your starting point, or walk, down to the Lodge Marina and go searching for the other boxes, down that way.

As always, let me know, or Lodge Naturalist on weekends, about any problems or surprises you encountered.