Ould Arbour  LbNA # 27723

Placed DateDec 17 2006
CountyRichmond city
LocationHollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Mar 27 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 1 2015

Ill get this up and running again soon. The top was left loose and I have to replace some stuff. 1-17-11

*** OK, this box is back up and running. Take a trip to the coolest cemetery you will see in Virginia.

This letterbox is located within Hollywood Cemetery, which is located in the Oregon Hill section of Richmond. It is an auspicious cemetery housing many historic dignitaries and Civil War casualties. Please respect all of the common sense rules associated with a burial ground. Hollywood is an active cemetery and the grounds and markers should be treated with courtesy and deference.

The Clues

* On Clarke Springs Circle stands a mausoleum honoring the clan Richardson. Stand and face the tomb.

* Trvel 70 paces at 140 degrees.

* At 140 degrees there is a road. Follow road.

* At Mr. Cannon, follow road at 150 degrees.

* Admire inverted torches and keep them on your right. Go past the torches and down road named after famous immigrant destination.

* Pass Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Doggett. (She must have had quite a devoted husband.)

* Admire the cloaked woman mariner and stand directly before her.

* Due south you will see an ivy-clad arbour. Enter the conclave of trees by passing behind the crosses.

* On your left, and up, you will find the letterbox concealed within the tree.

* Please return box so it cannot be seen and make sure the lid is screwed on tight and the little cap is closed.

* Take the time to visit the resting place of a distinguished southerner, which is just past the brown angel.

(If you find anything seriously wrong with my clues, please let me know. This is the first one I have planted.)