An Irish Lass in Hollywood  LbNA # 27724

Placed DateDec 17 2006
CountyRichmond city
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By K&K
Last Found Sep 24 2011
Hike Distance?

*** Well here I go again cretins. I am going to place my third box in an area I hope to be free of the cemetery staff. I will be replacing the box in the afternoon of May 30, 2008. Good luck and keep me informed.

This letterbox is located within Hollywood Cemetery, which is located in the Oregon Hill section of Richmond. It is an auspicious cemetery housing many historic dignitaries and Civil War casualties. Please respect all of the common sense rules associated with a burial ground. Hollywood is an active cemetery and the grounds and markers should be treated with courtesy and deference.

The Clues:

* On Tyler Avenue there is a "stumpy" grove grown by a lucky Scot named Lloyd.

* Hearken the song of the River James and direct there your attention.

* From this petrified copse, sojourn (conscientiously) at 150 degrees to the reliquary of a famous "Revolutionary Soldier."

* Find the eagle and urn at 130 degrees and you will find the husband of Letitia and Julia.

* Stand upon the top presidential step and then follow road to the left toward the pink granite judge.

* Spot and descend to Mr. Halsey's bench.

* As you sit and admire the view, to your hard left there is a honeysucke covered rock wall. On the opposite side you will find a stone with a cross concealing the letterbox.

* Please replace the box in a manner that does not draw attention.