Dial M for Letterbox  LbNA # 27737

OwnerIn Cahoots    
Placed DateDec 17 2006
LocationPlatteville, WI
Found By Grudzina Gang
Last Found Jul 17 2010
Hike Distance?

***Update 9/23/2012*** This box has been reported MISSING. I will check on it next time I am in Platteville. Check out my other boxes in Wisconsin placed by In Cahoots and/or Drunken Wench!

Terrain: Intermediate, Steep climb up stairs

Estimated time: 1 hour round trip

Recommendations: Not recommended in icy conditions, do not attempt to climb in rocks. Good hiking shoes.

This letterbox is hidden near the "World's Largest M." There is a parking lot for about 6 cars at the base of the M, where you will find a plaque with information about this landmark.

Begin your climb up the staircase, and find these people and their numbers:

Clarice Myers, Jr #________

Jeffrey A. Roschyk #________

John and Bonnie Hoeft #________

Walter A Gluege #________

When you complete your climb up the stairs, continue straight ahead between the pile of dishes and the shed, until you reach a gravel path.

Follow the path downhill. Be on the lookout for a tall man with no skin on your right. Staying on the path, count off Clarice Meyer's number of paces from the tall man. (If the path turns sharply and you go over a bump, you've gone too far.)

Turn to your left and go up a very short hill into the wooded area. Look for a huge natural cross, it will be approximately John and Bonnie's number of paces into the woods. If you climb upon the cross facing uphill, the top log will point toward a pair of naked twins in the distance approximately Walter A. Gluege's number of paces away.
Follow the log pointer to the twins.

At this juncure Jeffrey A. Roschyk would pace to the right to find a hollow place.

The fruit of your labor rests in such a place.

Please re-hide as you found it.

Additional Recommendations:
-Cool Hats
-Walking Stick
-Anti-Raccoon spray (optional)
-Sense of Adventure