Radiation Cessation  LbNA # 27749

OwnerMO UR4Me    
Placed DateDec 18 2006
CountySt. Charles
LocationWeldon Spring Conservation Area, Defiance, MO
Found By I dig toasters
Last Found Dec 5 2009
Hike Distance?

*** 1/27/08 note: This box was moved to a different location in the same area on 01/27/08 due to the apparent proximity to a geocache.
*** 6/21/07 Note: When I tried to check on this box on 6/6, there were MANY mosquitos around, so wear heavy repellant. MO Dept of Conservation has been notified.

This box has been placed with permission from the Missouri Department of Conservation.


A. Take Hwy 94 west from Highway 40/61.

B. After passing the high school, keep an eye out to the right for a HUGE mound of rocks. Donít worry, you canít miss it!

C. In front of the rock pile is the Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center. Plan on stopping in here on the way to or from finding the LB so that youíll know where the name comes from. Itís very interesting and you can see for miles around from the top of the rock pile. Plan on one hour here.

D. Just down the road from the interpretive center, where the road takes a bend to the right, is a gravel parking lot on the left for the Weldon Spring Hiking Trail. You will be walking the Clark Trail. The hike is about 1.3 miles each way. Please note the following guidelines from the Missouri Department of Conservation:

1) The Weldon Spring Conservation Area is open to multiple public uses including hunting, fishing, and hiking;
2) Trespass onto adjacent private property is not permitted and trespass complaints may result in revocation of this permit;
3) Letterboxes are allowed on the Weldon Spring Conservation Area by Special Use Permit only;
4) Searching for letterboxes is strongly discouraged during managed deer and turkey hunts (contact the Area Manager for specific dates);
5) Persons searching for letterboxes during the firearms deer season and firearms turkey season are strongly encouraged to wear hunter orange.


From the parking lot, locate the gravel road to the east, which is the start of the trail.

After the prairie on the left, a trail breaks off to the right of the gravel road. Take it.

Continue on through the beautiful woods. Most of the time you will be in deciduous forest, but you will also pass through an area with eastern redcedars and then taller pines.

Pass the one mile marker.

Once you start going downhill, make sure that any small children are close to you! The trail leads to the edge of the bluff overlooking the Missouri River and we donít want to lose anyone!

Just before the bench is a sign about Exploring the Bottomland Forests. From William Clarkís journal entry from the top left corner, jot down the following words, counting from the beginning (the date): 6(th), 11, 15, 22, 25, 32.

Find a nice place to sit and decode the remaining clues using a word#-letter# combination. Please be stealthy, as there is a very nice gentleman there every Sunday who would like to leave messages for the world in this box. (I don't mind if he gives the world his message, but there is not enough room in my box.)

Go 11-1 11-2 15-3 15-1 32-2 15-6 the trail until you are almost at the 22-1 22-2 15-6.

There will be a 22-3 25-3 25-2 on the 6-5 15-2 25-2 32-1 22-1 side

with an 6-2 11-3 22-4 32-1 22-2 22-3 6-4. Look there and PLEASE recover well!

Please make sure the box is well-sealed and rehidden. Also, I would love to know if you find the box. If you don't mind, please log your find on www.letterboxing.org and/or www.atlasquest.com. In addition to making my day, it will also help others to know that the box has been recently found intact!