Sedna  LbNA # 27754

Placed DateDec 17 2006
LocationSpring, TX
Last Found Sep 6 2008
Hike Distance?

On our most recent trip to visit family in Texas we wanted to leave behind a letterbox or two, hopefully some that would be unique to southern boxers. So a northern spirit awaits your discovery. The first is Sedna.
Sedna is a spirit of northern peoples in Canada, Alaska and Greenland. She is part woman, part seal; she can be both malevolent and benevolent. So be respectful when you pay her a visit!

She is hiding in the woods of Mercer Arboretum, on the west side of Aldine-Westfield Rd. From the parking lot near the playground head for the easterly most trail. When you reach the first trail map head 90 degrees. At the second trail map head 0 degrees. When you reach a bench have a seat and admire the many tall trees. Sedna is hiding behind one of these. But which one? Choose the tree at 150 degrees and 15 feet away. Prepare to meet the mistress of the northern oceans.