I Will Survive!  LbNA # 27772

OwnerWayWard Sons    
Placed DateDec 19 2006
LocationEdwards, MS
Found By WayWard Sons
Last Found Mar 10 2015
Hike Distance?

When thinking of green things, we have a particularly dismal record of keeping them alive, so it only seemed fitting that a box placed in a greenhouse full of cacti be named reminiscent of a Diana Ross proclamation. To find this box, take exit 19 off of I-20 toward Edwards, MS. It's an especially nice locale for travelers because it is not even a mile off of the highway. Once you exit, follow the signs to "the World's Only Cactus Plantation." The plantation is open from 9-5 Monday-Saturday, and 1-5 on Sunday. While you're strolling through the barns of interesting cacti configurations, look for a 30 year-old pencil cactus. The box is hidden at its base, behind a round thermometer. Please take care when finding and rehiding this box. Enjoy these awesome plants that survive even Texas heat, and live in spite of people with no green thumbs.