Our Ladybug  LbNA # 27773 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 18 2006
LocationMcintosh Reserve Park, Whitesburg, GA
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Jul 5 2009
Hike Distance?

Mcintosh Reserve Park. Whitesburg, Carroll County
Go west on HWY 5 cross HWY 16 and park is on your left.

Start at the small childrens play ground where the water park is. Face the playground with the water park to your left. Look past the playground and you will see a trail coming out of the woods. Start on the trail and immediatly cross the creek. You will come to the trail signs. Follow the trail going to the Ranger HQ. At the trail fork bear left. Walk a short distance and be on the lookout for bamboo growing on your left. As you pass the bamboo look to your right for a small tree leaning on a larger tree forming a triangle. Go through the triangle and on your right you can't miss a huge rootball. Turn left with the rootball to your back and find the very large Pine tree. At the base of the pine tree under a log you will find the " Our Ladybug."