Arroyo Verde Footprint Series  LbNA # 27776 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 16 2006
LocationVentura, CA
Planted Byventuralocals    
Found By john and kathy
Last Found Jun 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Arroyo Verde means Green Stream bed. This is a beautiful lush green park and very popular year round. On Sundays and holidays there is a $1.00 parking fee. When you enter the park, to the right there is a house, in front of the house there is a wooden deck built around a tree, reach under the deck next to the tree and you will find box #1. After stamping in, cross the street, go across the grass to find the trail head on the West side of the park. Follow the trail for about 3/10's of a mile. You are getting close to the second box when you see a pine tree that goes over the trail. Oldtimers will remember where the "Fort" used to be. (For non-Venturans you will be able to see the train in the sandbox down below) When you see the clearing for the old Fort, look at the first cypress tree on the East side of the trail, directly on your right. Look for a "squirrel hole" in the bottom of the tree for box #2. Follow the trail through a bar-b-que area. The West side trail ends at Redwood Glen picnic area. Cross the road to the East side of the park and pick up the trail at the yellow railing. You will find a Rattlesnake warning sign. Spring and summer Letterboxers need to be aware of Rattlesnakes! Walk along the trail about 100 yards, until you see a canopy of pines on the left hand side. Walk in the "Hawk Nest Village". If you look up, you'll see why we nicknamed it that. From here look for the second pine tree on the left. One of the pine trees is falling to the left. Look in the "V" section where the tree meets the ground for box #3. If you follow the rest of the trail you will end up back at box #1.