Nolanbear's Holiday Trail  LbNA # 27790 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 22 2006
LocationGorham, ME
Found By mudflinginfools
Last Found Dec 27 2008
Hike Distance?

**Retired Series as of 12/28/06**
Check back next year!!!!

Nolanbear’s Holiday Trail

This seasonal letterboxing series is dedicated to Mainekokopellian’s
Nephew and favorite letterboxing buddy.

The Nolanbear loves his family and visits his Grandma & Grandpa Bear often by traveling from his lair to theirs along this path. Since one of his favorite holidays is Christmas , his family decided to decorate this path in celebratory lights and fun!!! He chose 3 of his favorite things this year to have for stamps from his uncle...

they are :
A Holiday Ornament hidden near a Holiday Pet

A Holiday Drummer Boy placed by a Toy Soldier

O Christmas Tree hidden at the Trails end with a logbook "present"

The trail will be open from 5-8PM NIGHTS ONLY from December 22th till December 28th... Dont wait till the last day...

Only during these hours….!!! The boxes are NIGHT BOXES!!! not day boxes.... Bring a flashlight or headlamp :)

To find the trail…. Simply seek the Totem Bear I created off Journal entry R.t.e/114

Just as you arrive at the Bear a road “bears” to the left
Follow this slowly, It’s a private drive but its ok…..

After a pond appears on your right continue slowly a bit further and park along the road. You cant miss the lighted trail on your right…

Walk along the trail and enjoy the lights...
Feel free to leave a note for Nolanbear....