The Dalmatians hide in a Cemetery  LbNA # 27793

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateDec 22 2006
LocationTrinity, TX
Found By (hidden)
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Last EditedNov 28 2015

The dalmations were running from Cruella. They were in Crockett when they saw her, and they took off down 19 through Lovelady and past the Trinity county line. They saw a little dirt road to the right and one sign that said "Cemetery Road" and another sign that read "New Zion Cemetery." They turned right on that dirt road and went over a small wooden bridge and kept running till they found a metal cattle gate. They stopped at the gate and looked around. They then crossed through the gate to another gate that read "New Zion Cemetery." They ran through a bunch of stones till they came across three tall stones inside another fence. As they stood looking at those three tall stones from the gate of that fence they could hear Cruella getting closer. They looked to their right and saw a big pine tree sandwiched between two cedar trees. They ran to those trees and are now hiding between the pine tree and the small cedar tree. Be never know when Cruella might be lurking around.

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