New England Leaf  LbNA # 27804

Placed DateDec 23 2006
LocationWoodbury, MN
Found By Roseslady
Last Found Apr 7 2010
Hike Distance?

Whenever we come to visit relatives, we like to do some letterboxing. We also like to try to plant a box in places we visit often, and in doing so, we try to bring a little bit of New England with us. (Note: We are now living in MN so this is part of New England that we've brought with us.)

You'll find this letterbox along Colby Lake. Park your car at Edgewater Park off Lake Road. From the parking lot, follow the trail toward Lake Road then into the woods on the west side of the lake. Watch for a small wooden retaining wall on the left. Soon after that you should come to a great willow tree bending it's branches toward the water.

Watch for a well-defined path on the left. Continue along the tarred path 50 paces to the faint trail heading up hill along the bottom of a gully. Follow that trail until you come to the second steep footpath up the right-hand embankment. From the crest of this embankment path, take 10 steps to a Y in the path. Site 100 degrees. Take 6 steps. The box is behind this log, covered with a few sticks.

There are lots of thorny gooseberry bushes so wear long pants.