Lift Off! -- N.O.W.  LbNA # 27814

OwnerKristal & Ron    
Placed DateDec 7 2006
LocationTitusville, FL
Found By codysix
Last Found Dec 14 2010
Hike Distance?

Clues: Easy
Distance: Drive-by
Stamp: Hand-carved

*** Reported as waterlogged. If anyone has a new box, logbook and/or ziplocs, I'd be much abliged!! ***

“No Opportunity Wasted” (N.O.W.) is a wonderful book by Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race, which is a popular travel/adventure series on CBS. In the book, he describes his philosophy of figuring out what you hope to achieve in your lifetime and then not letting anything get in the way of you realizing those dreams. He encourages the reader to make a “life list” and then stop making excuses and start checking things off.

Kristal has been a big fan ever since the inception of the Space Shuttle program and seeing a launch live is one of her “Top 3 Must Do’s”. Unfortunately, cloud cover prevented Discovery STS-116 from "Lift Off!" while we were here – but that gives us an excuse to come back for another visit in the near future!

From the Astronaut Hall of Fame, go west for two miles on SR 405 (Columbia Blvd) to a stoplight at the NE end of SR 407. Enter the 407 and stop, after a very short distance, at a brown sign announcing this as the Challenger Memorial Parkway. From the sign, take 40 steps at 260* to the smaller of two palm trees on the other side of a sand dune. Then take 28 steps at 208* to the NW side of an evergreen. Now take a heading of 320*. You’ll find the box underneath a post that’s lying on the ground, just on this side of the fence.