In Search of the Inland Lobster  LbNA # 27852

OwnerWoodland Gnomes    
Placed DateDec 27 2006
LocationPerry, ME
Found By Teacup
Last Found Sep 6 2009
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Directions to the Pottle Tree Farm: The tree farm is located at 507 Southmeadow Road in Perry, Maine. From Route 1 North take the left hand turn just before the Perry Farmers Union store. This is Southmeadow Road. The tree farm is 2 1/2 miles from this turn. At the split in the road take the left hand fork, Southmeadow Road, look for the signs for the tree farm on your right. Park anywhere where you are not blocking the driveway to the house or barn.

1. Start at the medicine wheel located to the right of the house.

2. Take the trail, the continuation of the driveway, that leads past the barn into the woods. NOTE: While looking for the letterbox please take the time to read the many signs that you will pass that describe the features of the tree farm and their importance on the environment.

3. Cross the wooden bridge. If you are here early in the morning or at dusk look for beaver activity in Boyden Stream.

4. After you cross the bridge take the third trail on your left marked by RED flagging. There will be two apple trees, one on each side of the trail, as it leads into the woods.

5. You'll soon pass the Outdoor Classroom. The classroom is used by students from nearby schools to learn about the importance of good environmental stewardship. The different species of trees found in this area are identified, with small signs located next to the tree, explaining the values of the tree to the woodlot owner and the environment. This is also an ideal location to have a picnic lunch while you are looking for the Inland Lobster. The old cement foundation at the site of the outdoor classroom was ahen house owned by Charles W. McPhail*. The nearby stone cellar hole was the site of a farm house owned by Duncan McPhail*.

6. Follow the trail past the outdoor classroom. You'll come to an intersection. Go straight, following the RED flagging.

7. You will then come to a long narrow field. The cellar hole for this farm, owned by Benjamon Crone** is in the woods off to your right. During the months of June and July the roses here are beautiful.

8. A trail will lead off to the right from the field. This is Katherines Trail, and is marked by PINK flagging, you'll want to stay on the RED flagged trail which you will pick up again at the end of the field.

9. You will be entering what is known as Frost's Meadow***.

10. After a short walk you will see a tree on the left with several lobster buoys hanging from it. Across the trail from this tree look for a stump with some rocks on top of it. Inside the stump you'll find the delicious crustacean you've been looking for!

11. After having your feast, take a walk to the wooden bridge. This area of the farm is known as Kilby Arm. If the trail on the other side of the bridge is dry you can walk to Boyden Lake via this trail. IN THE WINTER THIS TRAIL IS ALSO USED AS A SNOWMOBILE TRAIL SO PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS.

12. Just reverse the clues to find your way back to your car.

* The McPhail family owned a portion of what is now the Pottle Tree Farm in the early twentieth century. Duncan McPhail had a house and barn at the site of the cellar hole. Charles McPhail, Duncan's son, owned the hen house. The house, barn, and hen house burned to the ground in the 1930's.

** Benjamin Crone owned this portion of the farm during the nineteenth century. Maps as early as 1861 list Benjamin Crone as the owner.

*** Captain John Frost was the first settler of Perry.

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