Flower Box  LbNA # 27863

Placed DateDec 28 2006
LocationPhoenix Mountain Preserve, Phoenix, AZ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 24 2015

From Shea and 40th Street, head south on 40th.

Keep going until 40th street ends in the parking lot of the entrance to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

Park your car.

Go to the Mountain Preserve entrance that is on the same side of the lot as the bathrooms.

When you reach the supply of doggy clean up bags, stand in the middle of the path and look straight ahead.

Farther down, on the right side of the path you will see a huge cactus finger pointing to the sky.

Walking up the path towards the “finger” you will pass a stone marker that says L.V.Yates Trail on the right side.

Continue on the path until you reach the cactus finger.

Stand with your back to the cactus.

Directly to the other side of the path you will see a huge palo verde tree and an opening in the branches leading to the tree trunk.

In the crotch of the tree approximately 4 feet above the ground straight ahead, you will find the box.

Please rehide carefully

Be careful of the thorns on the palo verde!

Enjoy the hike and beautiful scenery.

Before leaving the preserve, look for the Mariposa, Strawberry, Moon, and Happy Face Boxes which are also hidden in the preserve.