Miller Park Sunset  LbNA # 27864 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 26 2006
LocationMoorpark, CA
Planted ByTwins Mom    
Found By PeterK
Last Found Jun 2 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is on a hill that overlooks the pretty little city of Moorpark. It is especially fun to find this box near sunset and stamp the "sunset" stamp into your log book.


Take the 23 freeway and exit at Tierra Rejada, go west (under the freeway). Turn right on Miller Parkway. You'll find Miller park near the crest of this road.

Park near the tennis courts. Note the hill above the tennis and basketball court - that is where you will be going to see the sunset.

Go all the way across the big, green soccer fields. At the end you'll see a wooden sign that says "Welcome, Serrenata Trail" - you can go to the right (no), down (no) or up the hill to the left (yes!).

Go all the way to the top of the hill (hint: there is a "false stop" - don't stop, keep going to the right and keep going until you can see over the city).

Once at the top, enjoy the view, take a couple of deep breaths - now locate the "Target Clock Tower" to the north. See the big oak tree to the left of the tower? Also look for a small cache of rocks about 5' off the trail (this is the former place for this box...but it was discovered here and I moved it further into the brush...)

Now look for a smaller "tree" in front of the oak - walk through the brush towards it until you can't go any further. Then look down, to the left and its hidden under some brush and a small pile of rocks.

Other info: this is a super friendly kid hike. You could even take a sturdy-stroller up the hill if you wanted to. The park is a nice place for kids to play, run and you could even bring a picnic if you like.