Handy Treasure  LbNA # 27866 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTraveling K's    
Placed DateDec 14 2006
CountyOther International
LocationGothenburg, SWE, INT
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If you are ever in Sweden, I hope you visit during the summer. Winter time brings a lot of darkness and rain. Our family got quite bored during this time of year and discovered letterboxing. We searched Hi and Low for a box in or near Gothenburg, Sweden but to no avail. So we planted one! This is our first box and we will be unable to check up on it since we are back in the USA. So please give it TLC if needed. Thanks

Added note: We went back to visit in 2011 and found it with several stamps.

**You will need to bring your own ink pad for our homemade stamp.

Go to Bergsjön (translated as "mountain lake") which is a suburb north east of Gothenburg. Travel to the mountain lake swimming area on Bergsjövägen. You will see signs for it labeled “Bergsjobadet”. The signs will lead you to a parking area. Once parked approach the bank of the lake.( This is really a beautiful place). Stand facing the lake and make your way around the lake to the right. You will start on a rock path past the swimming area and then a trail will emerge to lead you up into the woods. At first the trail will lead you upwards then kinda disappear for a while. Stay fairly close to the lake but not too close as passage will then be difficult. You will start to go back down and then should notice the trail picking back up on your left. The trail will lead you upwards not straying to far away from the water.
Once you reach the top you will notice one lone picnic table on your left. This is a wonderful place to stop for a snack or lunch and admire the view of the lake and surrounding rocks and trees. When your ready to proceed continue on the same path until you come to a wooden staircase. Go down the stairs and take about 5 steps until you reach the wooden walkway.
Stop and turn back around toward the stairs. Stand on the end of the platform with your left foot flush against the left side and your toes on the first board. (the steps should be in front of you a little to the left) Directly in front of you is a rock with a tree above it. Behind the tree is another rock with a small crevice in it. Look inside the crevice and you will find the treasure under the leaves. Please return it as it was found and please let us know if the directions or box needs any changes or help. You can do this by email or by sending one of the self addressed, stamped post cards in the box.
You will not have to go back to the parking lot the way you came in. If you continue in the same direction, across the wooden walkway the path widens and is very clear. It will continue your journey around the lake, across a bridge, across a large flat rock formation and right to the parking area.