Ukpik and Aqilgieq  LbNA # 27873

Placed DateDec 20 2006
LocationHuntsville, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Jul 24 2010
Hike Distance?

On a recent trip to visit family in Texas we wanted to leave behind a letterbox or two, hopefully some that would be unique to southern boxers. So some northern spirits await your discovery. The first was Sedna near Spring and now you can find Ukpik and Aqilgieq in Huntsville State Park.
Inuit and Eskimo people of the north tell a tale called “Will You Be Mine?“ It is the story of two Arctic birds, the snowy owl (Ukpik) and the little white patarmigan (Aqilgieq). The tale goes like this -
Ukpik fell in love with Aqilgiep and killed her husband. He came strutting around to court her and she cried out:
“Ukpik, go away, with your big head and your eyes so large and your legs so short, you are ugly! Who would want you for a husband? Someone with knitted eyebrows and long eyelids like that! Short and fat, you’ve no legs and neck.”
Ukpik was furious, he thought himself to be very handsome indeed. He sang out: “You are an eater of owl. I will leave you and fly away.”

As letterboxes in this park seem to go missing clues will only be sent to registered LBNA or AQ users. Email me with your trail name and I will send you the clue. Thanks, Norasta