army of 3  LbNA # 27879

Placed DateDec 29 2006
Locationsimsbury, CT
Planted Byspare tires    
Found By GSLeader
Last Found Mar 23 2012
Hike Distance?

place: green way walk
difficulty: medium-easy
start: parking off rt.10 & 202
at the intersection of terrys plain

start from the parking lot going right on the trail (south) about a 1/4 of a mile down the trail the road will leval out. look for the mile makrer 13.0. it is close to a gas line pole # 368 from the mile marker go SWW to a wild life manegment area sign. under a rock on the right side you will find "tank"

get back on the trail and continue in the same direction. till you come to a bench looking over the river. from the bench go SW 20 paces. site 140 and go to the big "state owned" V. then go south to a large stump. under the stump is "roten genral".

get back on the trail and contine in the same direction. till you get to one more bench go left past the green gate take two lefts up the hill. go past the "Dabbling Ducks"on the trail. STOP at the large split rock. site 70 and take 25 paces to a two truncked tree about a foot and a half in diamerter. under a rock you will find the "parachuter" get back on the trail and go back to the parking lot.