Hurstville Lime Kiln  LbNA # 27887

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateDec 29 2006
LocationMaquoketa, IA
Found By foxtrotter
Last Found Nov 23 2013
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Hurstville Lime Kilns

Located 2 miles north of Maquoketa on U.S. Highway 61 are lime kilns built in the 1870's in what was once called the town of Hurstville. The limestone kilns heated limestone rock mined from nearby quarries to form lime mortar used in building construction. This production of lime from native stone became one of Iowa's most important early industries. A large community effort and volunteer labor have gone into restoration of the four lime kilns.

The above information was taken from the following website (that also has a picture of a kiln);

This box has a hand carved stamp, bring your own stamp pad. Please let me know what you thought of this box once you've found it. Thanks.

On the north side of the northern most kiln there is a staircase that will take you to the top of the hill. Please take your time and see if you can peer down into the chimney stacks, and enjoy the view.

Now go back to the top of the stairs you came up, to your front and left is a path that leads down to an ancient looking building, notice the "sky way" connecting the two halves of the building together.

Now walk to that building, keeping your eyes both on your footing AND the sky way. Just before you walk under the "overpass" STOP!

Now turn left and you should see several rocks flanked on either side with vertical planks of wood, one to the left and two to the right.

CAREFULLY walk to the wall, an image of a kiln awaits you behind and at the base of the one plank to the left.

**NOTICE** This old work site has seen its day. Please be cautious in this area and watch your step. I personally would not let my children run around the building as there could be nails or other debris they could get hurt on.

I promise that I put the box in the safest place I could find, however, I may move it in the future depending on your contacting me and telling me what you think of the location after you visit.

After stamping in you can walk under the walk way a trail will lead you to the left all the way for a nice view of the north branch of the Maquoketa River. You can keep on this path and it will curve around back to the parking area.

If you brought a picnic lunch you can enjoy it at this site.

Side note, if you are visiting Maquoketa you may want to take a couple of hours and head 6 miles west to the Maquoketa Caves State Park and find Goose Chasers "Bear River Hang Out" Letterbox. It's worth the trip!!